How to Bypass Windows Administrator Password

Posted by admin on March 19th, 2013

Few things are more annoying than forgetting your Windows administrator password. Without your Windows password your PC is nothing more than a door stop. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to bypass Windows administrator password which will allow you to login to Windows once again. All you need to bypass Windows password with this method is another Windows PC so you can download the Reset Windows Password utility and make a password reset Live CD/USB drive.

How to Bypass Windows Administrator Password?

  1. To get started, purchase the Reset Windows Password utility and download it onto your current computer. Unzip the download file and you’ll get the ResetWindowsPwd.iso file which contains the password hacking tool.
  2. Next, you need to turn that ISO file into a CD. All you need to do is get a CD/DVD burning program such as BurnCDCC or ImgBurn, which allows you to burn an ISO image to CD or DVD easily! If your computer doesn’t come with a CD/DVD burner, you can use the ISO2Disc program to burn a Windows password reset USB from that ISO image.
  3. Take the Live CD you just created to the computer you want to hack. Insert the CD into the CD drive and turn on the computer. Normally, the BIOS screen tells you the keyboard key you need to press to change the boot order, watch for that message! On most computers the BIOS key is Del, F9 or F12 but yours might be different, so watch out for that on the boot-up menu.
  4. Once you boot from the CD, it will load the miniature operating system and open the Reset Windows Password utility. This program automatically detect all Windows installations on your computer, and shows a list of user accounts existing in your Windows SAM registry hive.
  5. Choose the administrator account you want to bypass the password on and click on “Reset Password” button. It will remove your forgotten administrator password immediately. Remove the CD from the CD drive and restart the computer, you can then log into the administrator with an empty password. Done!

This tutorial is fairly simple to follow even if you are not very techie person. With this trick you can bypass Windows administrator password on any version of Windows operating system, including Windows 8/7/Vista/XP.

Ways to Bypass Windows 7 Password Easily

Posted by admin on July 20th, 2012

“I bought a laptop computer with windows 7. Now I can’t remember the password and MS is no help (as usual). So how can I bypass the password or reset it without reinstalling the system?”

Forgot Windows 7 password and still can’t log in to your computer? Stop trying any password recovery or brute-cracking tricks available on the internet. It’s actually much easier to get into your computer than you think. We’re about to show you 2 methods to help you bypass Windows 7 passwords.

Method 1: Bypass Windows 7 Password with System Repair Disc

As is known, the System Recovery Options, provided by computer manufacturer, offers Windows installation disc or the recovery options which can help you reset Windows 7 password.

  1. Type system repair disc into the search box in the Start menu.
  2. The dialog box opens where you select the right drive and click Create disc. A CD will be fine as it only takes up 142MB of space.System Repair Disc
  3. Pop in the recovery disc and boot your locked computer from it and enter into Windows Setup [EMS Enabled].
  4. After it boots up you can access recovery tools or restore the computer back to a system image. The System Restore option would help you reset Windows 7 passwordif you have created a restore point without login password.System Recovery Option

Method 2: Bypass Windows 7 Password by Third-party Software

  1. Download the self-extracting Zip file of Reset Windows Password package.
  2. Uncompress the package, there is a ISO image: ResetWindowsPwd.iso. Burn it onto a CD/DVD or USB flash drive.
  3. Boot your locked computer from the newly burned CD/DVD or USB flash drive.
  4. Wait until the boot process is finished. When a window pops up with all your Windows accounts, select the target one to reset its forgotten password.Reset Windows Password

When you forgot windows 7 password, but have no password reset disk and cannot access to any admin account, the methods above should be the easiest way to help you bypass windows 7 password.

How to Bypass Windows Passwords with Utilman.exe

Posted by admin on May 6th, 2012

Utilman.exe is a built in Windows application that is designed to allow the user to configure Accessibility options such as the Magnifier, High Contrast Theme, Narrator and On Screen Keyboard before they log onto the system.

This was designed to help people who are hard of sight, hearing or mobility to log onto Windows themselves without the need of outside help. Its a great feature for disabled people but it opens up a security hole that we can take advantage of to bypass Windows passwords.

Bypassing the Windows passwords comes in handy if our clients have forgotten their logon password, their user profiles were corrupted or malware was interfering with the system before login.

This works because the user can trigger Utilman by pressing Windows Key + U before Windows logon. This will load up the Utilman.exe executable which resides in the Windows\System32 directory. If you swap the Utilman.exe file with something else like cmd.exe, you have access to the command prompt running SYSTEM privileges. SYSTEM is an account with the highest possible privileges on Windows.

Here are the step by step instruction on how to do this:

First of all, we will need a way to access the file system to swap out Utilman.exe with something else like cmd.exe. There are a few ways to achieve this:

  • Remove the operating system hard drive from the target system and slave it into another system with a working operating system. From there you can swap out the files on the slave drive
  • Use a Boot CD like UBCD4Win and use the file management software there
  • Use the Windows Vista or 7 DVD

In this example we will be using the Windows 7 DVD. To begin, boot from your Windows 7 DVD and when you reach the first screen asking about the language, currency and keyboard format, Click Next.

On the next page, down in the lower left hand side, click on the Repair your computer link.

Next, select the Use recovery tools that can help fix problems starting Windows. Select an operating system to repair option, choose an operating system from the list and Click Next.

You will now have an option to Choose a recovery tool. Select Command Prompt.

You should now have a Command Prompt Window open. Type in the following commands:

cd windows\system32
ren utilman.exe utilman.exe.bak
copy cmd.exe utilman.exe

This will navigate to the system32 directory, rename utilman.exe to utilman.exe.bak, make a copy of cmd.exe and name it utilman.exe.

Remove the DVD and reboot the system.

Once the computer boots up normally, press the key combination Windows Key + U and you should get a Command Prompt. If the Command Prompt doesnt appear, press Alt+Tab as the Command Prompt may appear behind the Logon screen. From here, you can run many (if not all) of the commands you can normally use in Command Prompt.

Resetting an Existing Users Password:

To reset an existing users password, we need type the text below. In this example, we will be changing Tomas’s password to “Password123″.
net user Tomas Password123

You should be able to log in with this new password straight away.

If you don’t know what the username on the system actually is, you can see a list of the users by typing:
net user

Creating a New User Account:

To create a new user account in the Command Prompt (Username: Jack. Password: abc123), and add them to the Administrators usergroup type:
net user Jack abc123 /add
net localgroup Administrators Jack /add

Again, you should be able to login straight away with this new account.

Reverting Changes:

To restore utilman.exe, in the Command Prompt type in:
cd windows\system32
del utilman.exe
ren utilman.exe.bak utilman.exe
Then reboot the system.

To remove the new user account you just created earlier, type in:
net user Jack /delete

That’s all there is to it.

If you think this trick is complicated and can’t get it to work, then you can try the easiest way to bypass Windows password using Password Recovery Bundle.

How to Bypass Windows Password When You Forgot It

Posted by admin on May 4th, 2012

Forgot your Windows password and can’t log on to your computer? It happens quite often really so don’t worry. With each version of Windows, recovering a lost password becomes a bit harder. However, there’s no need to abandon hope as there is a few methods you can try to bypass Windows password when you forgot it.

METHOD 1: Bypass Windows Password Using Another Administrator Account

One of the easiest solutions is to enter through another Administrator account, there is a bunch of hidden accounts with administrative privileges that come precreated in Windows for troubleshooting, the most common one is Administrator. The administrator account can reset the password of any other account.

Normally the administrator account is invisible at the Windows Welcome screen. We need to boot the computer from Safe Mode, and type the administrator account, leave the password field blank as there is no password set by default. After getting into Windows, you are able to easily reset any other account passwords.

METHOD 2: Bypass Windows Password with Ophcrack

If no other account with administrative privileges exist, you will need to use a password cracker software to crack it. Ophcrack would be your first choice as it is freeware and performs the job fast.You will have to use another computer to download the ISO image file from, burn it onto a CD using any burning application (I suggest BurnCDCC as it’s freeware). Boot from this CD and watch Ophcrack go to work. Based on extensive password tables, it can recover most passwords in a matter of minutes, for all the accounts on a PC.

METHOD 3: Bypass Windows Password with Password Recovery Bundle

If you still can’t get Ophcrack to work, doesn’t worry! It can be accepted as Ophcrack is a freeware and it can’t compete with commercial software such as Password Recovery Bundle.  Password Recovery Bundle is the most powerful and comprehensive Windows password recovery software, which can recover over 60 types of passwords, including reset Windows passwords. The program allows you to create a Windows password reset bootdisk. When you forgot Windows login password, just let’s the computer boot from the bootdisk and it enables you to reset, bypass and unlock the forgotten passwords in minutes.

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